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Business-savvy websites for values-driven service firms

Any of these sound familiar?

What if your web consultant understood your business challenges…

I want to protect and grow my profit margins.

Our job sites could generate leads for us, but I don’t know how to measure that.

There’s no context for incoming leads so they can be prioritized.

Estimating from scratch on every project takes too much time.

I’m wasting time with prospects who aren’t qualified.

I need to smooth out the seasonality of our work.

Prospective clients relate to us as a vendor rather than valued experts.

What We Do

Capabilities Strategy

Designing and prioritizing the jobs your website will accomplish

Experience Design

Crafting the ways visitors, prospects, and clients engage with your website

Marketing Strategy & Creativity

Leveraging opportunity to get your message in front of the right people

Brand Strategy & Expression

Bringing your core values to the forefront and ensuring the experiences created align with those values

Website Design & Build

Executing and implementing business-driven websites and tools that get the job done

Steps to how we work



We’ll start by discussing your business:  how it works, what your goals are, your current market conditions, your target prospect and ideal client, and what’s on the roadmap ahead.



Starting with the prospect’s and client’s experience in mind, and grounded in your strategic business goals, I’ll propose approaches that fulfill on these in cost-effective ways.


Launch, Optimize, & Iterate

I’ll bias us towards delivery, letting your actual marketplace provide the feedback and data that tells us where to optimize and/or go back to the drawing board.


Robb Lee is owner and Technology Strategist at webStepOne. 

He has 25+ years in the custom software development and digital agency sector. Robb delivers business-focused web technology solutions that capture leads, nurture prospects, support client lifecycles, and automate repetitive administrative tasks.

His goal is to deliver tools that take work off busy leaders' shoulders and free them up to focus on where their business grows next.

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